This time, we will show you how to hide the "total number of products" in the collection page (URL: /collections/00). If the total number of products is too small, people may think, "Is this a store with only a few products?

Shopify 総商品数 コレクションページ

However, this "number of products" cannot be removed by customizing settings or themes. Therefore, it must be edited in the code. Since this is a surprisingly tedious process, we will explain it in a way that is easy to understand even for non-technical users.

How to clear the display of the number of products in the code

First, go to the admin page, navigate to Online Store → Theme, and click on "Actions" → "Edit Code" for the theme.

Shopify テーマ コード編集

Then search for collection in the search window in the upper left corner. You should then find a file that corresponds to collection.

collection shopify ストア コード編集 商品数

The files that need to be modified to hide the "number of products" this time are

  • collection.liquid
  • collection-template.liquid

or a file with a similar name. (The file name changes depending on the theme, so you will have to be persistent in your search here.)

Find the part of the file that contains the characters "general.items_with_count". (You can use ctrl+F or command+F to search for characters.)

shopify コード検索 編集 商品一覧 コレクション 商品数

Once you have found it, delete the part from one side to the other.

If you don't know HTML elements

{{ 'collections.general.items_with_count' | t: count: collection.products_count }}

If you erase the entire "*" section, you should be fine.

If you know a little more about it, you can delete the entire element that contains the above part.

Now, hit the save button and go back to the product listing collection page.

Shopify 商品数 合計数

The "total number of items" on the right side has vanished!

Now you have successfully hidden the number of products.

[Shopify] How to get rid of the "Number of products" in the collection product list

This is how to erase the "Number of Products" item in the product list. Once the product count is removed, the display will be cleaner. If there is a concern that the number of products may be perceived negatively, it may make a good impression to remove it as shown in this case.

Well then, thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day!

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