Introduced here is the "background paper sheet," an indispensable item that allows you to photograph product images on your e-commerce site 100 times more stylishly.

Product photography" is such an important element of an e-commerce site that a large company can spend as much as one million yen just to shoot product images. No matter how good the products you sell, sales will not increase unless you can convey their appeal to the maximum extent possible through product images.

However, the reality is that individual creators and small-scale e-commerce site operators do not have the budget to spend tens of thousands of yen on product photography.

For those who want to take stylish photos of their products but have a small budget to spend on photography, we will introduce three recommended background sheets that are ideal.

What is a background paper sheet essential for photographing personalized e-commerce sites?

A background paper sheet is a sheet that is placed in the background when taking product images. The main difference between this type of paper and ordinary paper is that it is made of a material that does not reflect light well, which has the advantage of making the product itself stand out.

Normally, when photographing products on a desk or general paper, you have to be very careful about the light source, as the background will reflect unnaturally. Also, as an individual, taking pictures on a regular background will inevitably make you look amateurish, which may affect the sales of your e-commerce site itself.

Therefore, if you want to take stylish product images but cannot afford to hire a photographer or studio, this is the perfect item for you. Now, I have personally researched and picked up some background paper sheets that look good, for your reference.

Recommendation 1: ELECOM Photography Background Sheet

The first item we recommend is Elecom's photographic background sheets.

This photography background paper is sold by Elecom, a brand known for its strength in computer and digital products, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

The set comes in six colors, so it can be used in a variety of situations.

Another instagram search with the tag "#background sheets that make placed pictures look beautiful" will turn up some examples of its use! It also seems to come with a simple reflector as an accessory, so it is friendly to beginners in photography like me.

Recommendation 2: Poemichi Photography Background Sheet

Next we introduce Poemichi's photographic background sheets. This one is not only available in a single color, but also in wood grain, patterned, marble, concrete, and other variations, making it suitable for photographing products in a variety of scenes.

It was well reviewed and seemed to be a popular product on Amazon, becoming "Amazon's choice". Among the reviews.

  • The wallpaper was as solid as 3D.
  • I liked the design, it looked like an actual board.
  • The packaging was tight and arrived without creases.

The reviews were notable for value for money, such as

Recommendation 3: Ambiance Paper

Ambiance Paper official website

Last but not least is Ambiance Paper.

Personally, I am most interested in this Ambiance Paper. (I'm going to write a product review article, so I want a sample of the product.)

Most importantly, the e-commerce site itself is stylish and features many gradations and simple colors. There really is a wide variety of colors, so it may be possible to choose a shooting background sheet that matches the color scheme of your own personal EC site.

Looking at the product list, I got the impression that Ambiance Paper has a lot of colors that are not too assertive and bring the products to life.

Essential background paper sheets for personalized and stylish EC site product photography Conclusion

The above is an introduction of recommended background paper sheets for personalized and stylish product photography for e-commerce sites.

With some ingenuity, you can take stylish product images with your own smartphone without the need to purchase a professional photographer or photographic equipment. Especially in the early stages of launching an e-commerce site, it is often difficult to raise funds, so for now, take the pictures yourself. When sales start to pick up, you may want to ask a professional to do the work, or you may want to get the equipment and take the pictures yourself.

And, since the shooting paper looks good not only for photographing products on an e-commerce site but also for personal social networking posts, I would like to have one of these in the house.

Thank you very much for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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