[Shopify] ストア移管の際の商品、顧客、注文情報移行手順 - EC PENGUIN

[Shopify] ストア移管の際の商品、顧客、注文情報移行手順

Since we will be transferring customer information to the Shopify store, we decided to compile the methods and procedures for our records.

We will be doing a data transfer from the Shopify store to the Shopify store as a trial. This will be a data transfer from the old environment to the new environment.

Step 1: Retrieve and create CSVs of product and customer information

The first step is to create data for migration to the new environment.

In this case, we are assuming that we are migrating from Shopify to Shopify, so both export and import will be done in the respective Shopify environments.

I remember that exporting used to be possible only with the Excelify application, but since the Shopify administration screen was updated, it is now possible to do it by default.

If you go to the old admin screen -> Customer Management

Shopify 顧客情報エクスポート インポート

Export like this.

Press Export.

If you choose to download CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheets this time, you will receive a CSV file addressed to your logged-in e-mail address.

Follow the link in the email to download the file. (You may need to be logged in to the administration page to download the file.)

The procedure for exporting customers and products is the same, so let's export the product data as well!

Step 2: Import CSV of product and customer information

And now let's migrate to the new environment and import the exported data that we just created for migration.

Go to Administration -> Customer Management and start importing by selecting "Import Customer Information".

Shopify 顧客情報インポート

The import may take some time depending on the number of customers, but should be completed safely in a few minutes.

The same procedure should be used to import products as well.

Now you have imported your products and customer information!

Step 3: Have existing users activate their accounts

Now that the customer and product information has been successfully migrated, the user cannot log in to the system. (As I recall, for security reasons, passwords cannot be imported/exported.)

We need to send an email to all existing users and ask them to set their passwords again (or create a new account).

We are currently inquiring with Shopify Support about how to do this (we are in the process of contacting them), so we will be writing a new article about it soon!

Step 4: Export/Import order information

Next, export order information in the old environment and import it in the new environment.

Since this is not available by default, we will use a data migration application called Excelify.

First, export the "Orders" item using Excelify in the old environment.

Shopify Export 画面

Then, import the data into the new environment using Excelify.

The orders are successfully imported. (If you get an error, you can download the resulting import file. The last column will tell you the reason for the error!)

Product, Customer, and Order Information Migration Procedures for Shopify Store Transfers Summary

That's all for now, here's a summary of the procedure for migrating product and customer information!

With the update of the admin panel, I thought that all the information could be migrated using the default functions when migrating to Shopify, but it seemed that all the information could not be migrated without using the Excelify application.

Please be sure to use an app or tool to migrate your Shopify store information, as it can be very time consuming to do so manually. I hope this article is of some help to you.

Have a great day!


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