[Shopify] 訪問時に言語と通貨切り替えを表示させる無料アプリ - EC PENGUIN

[Shopify] 訪問時に言語と通貨切り替えを表示させる無料アプリ

This time, we will introduce an application for language and currency switching called Geolocation. When doing cross-border e-commerce with Shopify, it is always necessary to switch languages and currencies. I thought that the easiest way to make this change would be to use Geolocation, which is officially provided by Shopify, so I decided to write an article about it.

However, please note that while this app can be used as a switch for switching languages, it does not cover actual translation, so you will need to install a separate app for translation.

Since this is a free app officially provided by Shopify, please install it and try it out.

What is the free Geolocation app?

Shopify geolocation アプリ


With the Geolocation app, language and currency selectors can be displayed as pop-ups or banners when visiting a site.

Here is an image of what it looks like.

Shopify App Geolocation 使い方

In this way, the language selector and currency selector can be displayed on the first visit.

However, it is not displayed every time, but only if it is different from the store language by comparing the user's browser's standard language settings and regional settings.

Also, the currency selector and language selector can be displayed in the footer at all times, not just when the site is first visited, so even themes that do not have a currency and language selector by default can be made cross-border EC compatible with this free app. (*But some reviewers have stated that it is not available for some themes, so if you think it is not usable, please uninstall it gently.)

However, I felt that it is indeed an application officially released by Shopify to have this functionality and be free.

Please note that you need to set up multiple languages and currencies in Shopify's settings beforehand.

Display the currency and language selector when visiting the site

Now let me show you the specific steps after installation.


After installation, open the Administration → Manage Apps → Geolocation app.

You will then see a screen like this.

Geolocation App 管理画面 設定

In the "Recommendations" section, you can suggest recommended languages and currencies for your site visit. Show recommendations when visiting with a popup. If you set "Recommendation", you will get a popup like this.

Shopify 通貨 言語 セレクター ポップアップ

You can change the language and currency here. Very convenient.

You can also choose the color and position from "Customize".

Shopify Geolocation 管理画面 設定 カスタマイズ

You can also choose the layout, position, and display method, allowing for a certain degree of flexibility in adapting to the color scheme of the theme.

Always display the currency and language selector in the footer.

The previous setting was to display a language/currency selector when visiting the site, but it would be difficult if the user selects the wrong language or currency when visiting the site.

For such cases, we recommend that you always display the currency and language selector in the footer.

This can be easily set up with this app, so follow the same procedure as before to go to the Geolocation app settings screen and click on

Geolocation Selector

Check this selector section.

The currency and language selector will then appear at the bottom of the site.

It looks like this. (This is the official image of the Geolocation free app.)

Geolocation App フッター 言語 通貨 セレクター

Only the position of this customization is adjustable.

Shopify Geolocation

Geolocation free app to display language and currency switcher when visiting Shopify site Summary

This is an introduction to Geolocation, a free application provided by the official Shopify. It is very nice to be able to display the language selector and currency selector in a pop-up or bar when visiting a site. I think it is user-friendly.

Please try this app when you create a cross-border e-commerce site with Shopify.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!


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