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We would like to introduce an application called "PageFly" that allows you to design your top page as you wish with no code. If you want to achieve the design that fits your brand and the way you envision it, you have to purchase a paid theme or pay a development company to do it for you.

However, with the Pagefly app, you can edit up to one template for free, and you can customize the top page just the way you want it.

The ability to customize the home page of a Shopify site for free is a great feature for individual creators and new Shopify users.

What is PageFly, the free basic app?

shopify pagefly app

Official app store "PageFly" (link)

PageFly is an app that allows users to edit various pages in the Shopify store, including the home page, pages, and product details with no code.

It's free to use, which is great for individual creators like myself who want to create an about page with no code, or a product detail page with a little more editing.

If you want to edit multiple pages with no code, you will need to switch to a paid plan, but I can say that it is essential application for those who do Shopify as an individual because it can be fully utilized in the free plan range.

How to edit your homepage with no-code in the app

Let's start with how to edit the top page with no code.

(1) Install the PageFly application.

First, go to the Shopify app store below to install the PageFly app.

Shopify App アプリ Pagefly


(2) Create a homepage template

After installation, go to Administration → Manage Apps → PageFly

Open the PageFly application screen at

Shopify アプリ PageFly Homepage

Select "Home Pages" in the sidebar. Then the Page setup screen will appear as shown below, and proceed to the next page with the same settings as below. (Please note that if you select "Regular Pages" instead of "Home Pages," the settings will not be applied to the top page.)

Pagefly Shopify ホームページ選択

Select a template

Next, select this template. Select the homepage in "All Types" to choose a template for the top page. It is possible to change it later, so it is okay to select it for now.

Shopify Pagefly テンプレート選択

(4) Customize by adding elements from the sidebar.

After choosing a template, you can add, delete, or modify elements to create your ideal website.

Shopify PageFly アプリ ホームページ編集

You can add elements by clicking on the + button in the upper left corner of this page. By the way, you can insert slideshows, buttons, accordions, as well as Shopify elements such as product listings and collection listings. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that you can customize it very flexibly and with no code.

5) Publish the template

Shopify ストア 公開

Finally, the Publish button in the upper right corner allows you to publish to the store. With just one click, the page will be applied and you can make changes to the design very easily. (Be careful not to accidentally publish something that is still in progress, as the publishing process is rather too easy.)

Free no-code design editing of Shopify homepage with PageFly app Summary

The design of a Shopify store's home page (top page) makes a huge impression on its store, brand, and products. If the home page is well-designed and stylish, that alone can give a good impression of the products being sold. On the other hand, if the home page is not good enough, the impression of the product may not be good enough either.

So it is very important to create a top page that fits your products and fits your brand. However, when it comes time to edit the homepage as you wish, you will need to tweak the source code and adjust the movements, which requires knowledge of coding and Liquid.

However, by using Pagefly, I can edit my homepage for free, and I feel that it is an application that I am very grateful for.

If you are at all interested in this application, please give it a try since it is basically free.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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