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[Shopify] Easy redirect settings from admin screen

Shopify redirect settings

Did you know that the redirect settings can be easily done from Shopify admin screen?

When we need to do the redirect settings in ordinary websites, we have to use htaccess and has to set all the redirect codes one by one. However, speaking of Shopify, we can easily set those redirects from admin screen.

So it's not necessary to write codes, and no difficult settings, so if you only have redirects for like 10 redirects, you might only need few minutes to finish it all. Now we will go on to how exactly we can set redirect links.

Apply redirect settings from Shopify admin screen

Admin screen→Online store→Menu→URL redirects

shopify URL redirects settings admin screen

In here you'll need to click URL redirect and click『Make new redirect』.

Then the screen will be like this.

Shopify make new redirect admin

Here you need to set "previous URL"(URL that redirect from) and "new URL"(URL that will be redirected to).

And press save to make redirect public. It's that easy!

Shopify redirect to make it faster

Bulk edit

After finishing registering new redirect URLs, you might find some URLs are not entered correctly and wants to change some part of it. In that case you can choose to bulk edit it and by choosing several links.

Shopify redirect all bulk edit

In this status, you can click "edit redirects" at the top.


Shopify redirects bulk edit easier

As it seen in above you can bulk edit the URL redirect links. If you want to edit already registered redirect URLs, this is a great way to save time.

Import with CSV

However, it has certain number limit to bulk edit like above. Obviously, it takes so much time if you have more than 100 redirect links or perhaps more than 1000 redirect links....😭

In that case, click "Import" button that you can see on above.

Shopify redirect bulk import how to

We have this kind of redirect URL CSV template, so fill out the CSV template, and import it at once.

You can also bulk import URLs with the Shopify app Excelify(Matrixify).


Easily set redirect URLs from admin screen [Summary]

That's all for setting redirect URLs from Shopify admin screen. We couldn't find a lot of articles about it, so we have decided to summarize one.

Especially, when you are in the middle of store immigration, this might be helpful.

We are glad to share this article if you liked it!

Have a nice day!


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