[Shopify] おすすめの有料・無料SEOアプリ比較 4選 - EC PENGUIN

[Shopify] おすすめの有料・無料SEOアプリ比較 4選

Perhaps the most important aspect of running a Shopify store is attracting customers. No matter how good or innovative your products are, if users do not know about them, they will not buy them. SEO helps you attract those customers.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it can also be referred to as measures and techniques that consider how to optimize the display on search engines and how to appear at the top of search results.

For example, it is obvious from looking at the first page of Google search results that sites that appear on the first page are much more likely to attract visitors than sites that appear on the tenth page.

In order for your Shopify store to appear at the top of search engines as much as possible, SEO is the best way to attract more customers.

If you don't know where to start with SEO, you should definitely try the Shopify app for SEO. If you don't know where to start with SEO, you should definitely try the Shopify app for SEO.

SEO Manager paid app ($20/month)

Shopify SEO Manager おすすめ アプリ

If you are a Shopify site operator with some financial resources, this SEO Manager is the one for you. It is a highly functional application with more than 20 functions, and it may be no exaggeration to say that it covers most of your SEO needs.

It has various functions such as SEO scan, keyword suggestion, integration with Google Search Console, search analysis, JSON-LD structured data, broken link support, etc. When it comes to paid SEO apps, I would recommend this one first!


Plug in SEO Paid App (free plan available, $20/month)

Shopify Plug in SEO アプリ オススメ

This app, Plug in SEO, is the twin of SEO Manager introduced earlier, and is another multifunctional paid SEO app that includes JSON-LD structured data, bulk SEO adjustments, and blog optimization.

It has functions such as automatic periodic SEO, identification of hindrances to search engine optimization, and simple analysis reports, making it a useful app for site owners with some financial resources to compare and contrast with SEO Manager as part of their SEO strategy.


SEO Audit Free App

Shopify SEO Audit 無料 アプリ おすすめ

This is a free Shopify app called SEO Audit, which, as the word "Audit" implies, does not actually do anything SEO spontaneously, but rather mainly monitors what areas can be improved from an SEO perspective.

It also seems to be able to view marketing-related data such as whether images and their Alt text are optimal for search engines and advertisements.


AVADA SEO Image Optimizer FREE Free App

Shopify  AVADA SEO Image Optimizer FREE アプリ 無料

Next, I wondered if the free AVADA SEO Image Optimizer was an effort to optimize only images for SEO purposes, as I saw it. However, I also have the impression that it covers some necessary SEO measures such as sitemap submission and JSON-LD structured data as well as image size optimization.

In addition, because it is free compared to other paid SEO applications, it is relatively easy to use and is a necessary feature for all individual creators and beginners.


Shopify Comparison of 4 Recommended Paid and Free SEO Apps Conclusion

The above is a list of Shopify apps that are effective for SEO, and since SEO and search engines are inseparable, it is important to use the above paid and free apps to deal with search engines.

In running a Shopify store, search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to increase sales by increasing the number of visitors to your store from search engines. We encourage you to install the SEO apps we have introduced here with SEO in mind. (Installing too many may cause conflicts in functionality, so it is best to include one after careful consideration.)

Have a great day!


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