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[Shopify] How to create an English privacy policy for free

Shopify how to make Privacy policy in english

Today we are going to make English version of Shopify Privacy Policy!

When we make eCommerce website for English speaking countries, we need to state English version of privacy policy.

But it's impossible to write one from the scratch especially if we are not English native speaker. However, when we use this website, we are able to make English privacy policy within 5 minutes.

It's super easy.

Is it necessary to have privacy policy in Shopify store?

Before dive into exact way, is it necessary to have privacy policy in every store?

And the answer is yes. All Shopify store should have privacy policy.

Actually, for oversea countries like US, Europe, Personal Information Protection Law is more strict than Japan, and thus, we have to state the use of personal information that are collected through website.

We might think that we don't need privacy policy, because we don't collect personal information from the customers. However, customers will input their email address, phone number, shipping address when they purchase the products or services through Shopify store.

So it is must to set the privacy policy in your shopify store.

Shopify's template for privacy policy

So we have settled that we all need privacy for our Shopify store. And lets proceed to the exact steps to make the privacy policy template.

Where can we actually get English version of privacy policy template?

Thanks to Shopify, we can get it from Shopify and they have a tool for that!

Shopify privacy policy template


Logging in is a bit of stress, so lets just proceed with 「I’ll skip the Shopify trial for now, just create my policy」.

Then fill out the address, owner info, website name, and click the "Send me my privacy policy" button.

In few seconds, you'll get the email to the address you entered above.

Shopify email confirmation privacy policy

But be careful.
When you click the below green button, it will proceed you to the Shopify's free trial, so just click the "Get your privacy Policy now" button!

The screen will change like below.

Shopify confirmed privacy policy

Click "Copy to clipboard" then you are able to copy your original privacy policy!

Shopify makes boring but time consuming things easier.

Where you place privacy policy

At last, for whom unable to decide where to place privacy policy.

Usually, we make the page only for privacy policy. Go to admin, page and click add page.

shopify where to embed privacy policy

And click save, then you'll see brand new page.

Shopify privacy policy publish

It works well.

By the way, I've added the "Privacy Policy" in the footer so that people can access easily.

Making English version of privacy policy in Shopify "summary"

That's all to make privacy policy in Shopify store.

As I'm not a native English speaker, if I try to make it from the scratch, it might take more than 10 hours.. And even though, I've managed to make one, it might have mistakes and wouldn't be able to cover all. So don't hesitate to make one from Shopify's official tool!


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