This time, we will show you how to enable file uploading on the product detail page.

Recently, there has been a growing fever for personalization to customize products exclusively for oneself. There is a demand for incorporating one's favorite images into products, and it is my impression that more and more people want products that are unique to them.

In this article, we will introduce an application that enables the uploading of jpg, png, and other image files on the product detail page to sell personalized products.

Bold Product Options App

Product Options Bold Shopify App

Shopify App Store (Product Options app)

The app developer Bold is well known in the Shopify community and offers a great many apps, and the Product Options app was also developed by Bold and is a highly rated app with 2208 reviews (4.6 stars) at the time of writing.

  • I want to incorporate various conditional logic into the product detail page.
  • Want to sell a set of products with other products
  • I want my customers to upload their files.

It is possible to do a great many things.

Although it is a paid application, I think it is not too much to say that "Product Options" is sufficient for almost everything when it comes to adjusting the product detail pages. In case you are interested, here is a YouTube video.

How to make it possible to upload images on the product page

Among the many features, we will introduce "how to allow customers to upload image files on the product detail page.

The flow is as follows.

  1. Reach the product detail page
  2. Upload an image on the product detail page
  3. Proceed to cart and checkout
  4. Uploaded images can be viewed from the administration screen → Order Management

(1) Reach the product page and (2) Upload an image

テスト商品 画像アップロード shopify

③ Checkout and visibility in cart

画像アップロード Shopify アプリ

(4) Visibility on the management screen

Finally, the visibility on the administration screen is as follows. Clicking on the section called "Options for Upload" will make the uploaded photo (image) available for download.

(Incidentally, I did not see any uploaded images in my store's settings -> File Management, so I have the impression that they are uploaded to Bold's Shopify store or somewhere else, and only the link is retrieved.)

Shopify App Bold 画像アップロード 商品

Specific method for setting up image uploads

Now that we understand the flow of uploading images, we will look at the actual procedure, including the settings.

(1) Install the application

Install Bold's "Product Options" app from the link below into your Shopify store.

Shopify App Store (Product Options app)

(2) Liquid installation for apps to the theme

Go to the application screen, click on the rightmost element of "Need Help?" and select "Liquid Installation.

Click the "Begin Automatic Update" button, select the theme you wish to install, and begin installation on the theme.

*Be sure to create a Backup theme before performing the code installation. Some themes, such as the Dawn theme, may not install properly. In this case, please contact support for a solution.

Shopify Bold Liquid Installation

(3) Set the Product Option Set

Next, under the "Options" tab, select "Create your first option set" to create a new option set (conditions to be applied to the product).

Select the products to apply and choose File Upload.

Shopify Select Product 画像アップロード設定

After selecting the product, create the "Image Upload (File Upload)" section.

Shopify Bold Options file upload

Now save the settings, wait a bit for the settings to update, and... the item should now appear on the product detail page as shown below!

Shopify 画像アップロード 商品

How to enable uploading of favorite photos/images in [Shopify app] product details Summary

This is how to enable customers to upload their own images on the product detail page. This application is very useful not only for uploading images, but also for changing the display of selectable items according to each condition and other various functions.

In addition, the demand for product personalization has been increasing recently, and I have the impression that this will be one of the apps that will attract more attention in the future.

Thank you very much for reading to the end! Have a great day!

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