This time we will show you how to add cart_attribute to an already created order.

  • I want to add data to the cart_attribute (details) section after an order has been generated.
  • I usually add information to cart_attribute, but I couldn't add it due to a bug.

What is cart_attribute (order detail field)? We will explain everything from the "how to" section to the specific solution!

What is cart_attribute, which allows additional information to be added to an order?

First of all, let us briefly explain cart_attribute, which allows additional information to be placed on an order.

Shopify allows you to put additional information on your order when you place an order.

Typical information that can be placed on an order is

  • Gift wrapping
  • Selecting a paper wrapper
  • Message card text
  • Desired delivery date and time

The following is an example of the kind of information we are looking for.

It may be similar to meta fields in the case of products.

In terms of code, it means something like the following.

 <input id="noshi-paper" type="checkbox" name="attributes[noshi-paper]" value="Yes"] }}

It may be easier to visualize if we also talk about the specific location where the cart_attribute information is displayed. The specific location is in the pink area of the following image in the order management section of the administration screen.

Shopify 注文情報 追加詳細 cart_attribute

By default, cart_attribute cannot be added to existing orders.

However, this cart_attribute section has a fatal flaw.

After the order is generated

○ Value can be changed

× x Cannot add values

The specifications are as follows.

So, as I mentioned at the beginning, I could not add cart_attribute due to a glitch; I want to add cart_attribute, but it is not possible by default. I want to add cart_attribute, but it is not possible by default.

If the cart_attribute details are required in the Shopify app, but I can't add it. I am in a hurry.

How to add cart_attribute after creating an order

That's when the Google Chrome extension called "Add Cart Attributes " comes in handy!

Shopify Add cart attribute


This Chrome extension called "Add Cart Attributes" allows you to add Cart Attributes even after order generation. And it's free!

It is easy to use, just install and activate the extension in Google Chrome, then go to the corresponding order in Shopify and use "Add Cart Attributes".

You can add information to the order details (cart_attributes) section like this.

add cart attributes chrome extension 編集画面

Note, however, that once you add the information, you cannot delete it.

How to add information to cart_attribute after [Shopify] order generation Summary

This is how to add information to cart_attributes after an order has been generated.

This is a very geeky article, but I hope you will find it useful in the future (or are you currently facing?). I found it to be a very capable Chrome extension that can break through critical situations.

I hope this article can help even one person in need.

Well, thank you very much for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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