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[Shopify] Show the store activity log history by using admin/activity

Shopify アクティビティログ 閲覧 過去ログ

Today we are introducing the way to see activity log in the store.

When we are using Shopify store, we write articles in the blog section, we edit the product information, we install apps, we customize our theme. We do a lot of things in the store. And if you are running your store alone, you might know and remember what you have done in previous weeks. However, when your store is managed by more than 2 people, it is quite difficult to grasp who did what in previous weeks. And when some error has occurred, we need to investigate what we have done wrong.

In that case, we need to know "Who" did "What" and "When" was that occurred, so that we can know why exactly error occurred. In this article, you'll know the activities that your staff has done, and you might know who was in charge of that. But make sure this is to prevent the future error, not to criticize your staff member.

The way to see activity log

First, log in to your Shopify store.

In that way, the url of your admin page would be like below

(Your store URL).myshopify.com/admin

like that.

※It's not your storefront url, but admin url.

then add "/activity" at the end.

(your store URL).myshopify.com/admin/activity

then you'll see the activity of the staffs including yourself.

shopify store アクティビティログ 

It's Japanese, but you'll see "WHO" has done "WHAT" and "WHEN" is it editted or added.

At the moment, in my store, I only add or edit blog articles in my store, so I have a lot of log like "article edited" or "article published".

How to see activity log in the store

By the way, in the above page, "Online Store" is the exact name of "WHO". I'm currently managing the store alone, so all the name displayed was "online store", but when you have some staff members in your store, those staff's name will be shown in activity log.

Also, when you have an app and if app has an update or change some status in the store, that specific app's name will be shown in the activity log.

For example, if you are using an app called "Excelify", and suppose you are editing product through that app. Then the log might say like "Excelify has changed the status of product A."

If some bug or error or some strange function is suddenly happening in your store, it might be better to see "WHO" did "WHAT" and "WHEN". In that way you might be able to determine what was causing the error.

※However, activity log will only track the activity inside the admin screen. If someone was editing the theme through theme kit, then it's not shown in the activity log. Please note that it can be available when the cause is from the admin side.

Download activity log in CSV using Excelify.io app

I have done a further research about activity log, then I have found that the app Excelify can download all activity logs in CSV.

In the admin screen, below

(Your store URL).myshopify.com/admin/activity

we have to load again and again to go through all the history.. At one load, it only show 10 activity logs. So it takes so much time to go back to far past.

Shopify アクティビティログ 過去 さらに読み込むボタン

So again, this "load more" button will load only few activities in this screen, and it's so stressful.

However, when you use Excelify.io, you can get all the activity logs at once. But it might take time to install excelify.io app itself, so might be better to dig in from admin screen first.

When you want to try using excelify, below are the steps

  1. Open Excelify.io app from admin screen
  2. Press「New Export」button
  3. In the Export Format choose"excel" or "csv"
  4. check on "Activity"
  5. (optional)Filter only past activity log
  6. Press「Export」button


(Excelify official tutorial)

Now we have succedded to download activity logs from Shopify in CSV, or Excel format!

Show the store activity log history by using admin/activity Summary

That's all for today.

When we are managing the Shopify store, sometimes we will face the situations like

「Why is this happening suddenly?」

And most of the cases, it might be caused by admin screen or bug in product importing.

Or when you try this way, you might figure out that the app is causing the error, or some outsider service is updating the content automatically.

It might be nice if this article would helped you.

So have a nice day ahead!


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