[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.4] お洒落で検索しやすい観葉植物サイトAND PLANTS

[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.4] お洒落で検索しやすい観葉植物サイトAND PLANTS

This Shopify site case study is the store of "AND PLANTS," a stylish houseplant specialty store. The top page and photos are really nice, and we were impressed with the elaborate Shopify site, which has a very good search function.

AND PLANTS is a relatively new site, launched in May 2021, and is an e-commerce site operated by Domuz Corporation in Kanagawa Prefecture.


Now for a summary of what I thought was stylish and functional!

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Beautiful "houseplant" photos on the site.

Shopify and plants トップページ 事例

First and foremost, the photos are very beautiful, and I was impressed by the site's very good use of them.

The above image is the top page image, and the header blends in well, and the use of color is exquisite. The top image is based on the color green, with some red and pink, which makes me want to buy all of the plants.

Shopify and plants 商品画像

I have always been aware of the importance of photography in e-commerce sites, but this Shopify site made me keenly aware of the importance of photography once again.

This Shopify site is also very helpful in terms of photo composition and how to take product images.

The filter search function is excellent.

shopify search page and plants

The next thing that caught my eye was the extensive search function.

  • Size
  • Price
  • daylight
  • Difficulty
  • Lifestyle

I got the impression that the e-commerce site was designed to be user-friendly for users who are new to houseplants and do not know what to look for, or for users who want houseplants that suit their environment.

I wondered if they were using some kind of application, but from the look of it, it seems that they are using JavaScript to implement a filtering function to narrow down the search results.

Shopify 絞り込み JavaScript

I think a filtering function is essential for a site with many products, and I felt that AND PLANTS' e-commerce site has a particularly easy-to-view filtering function.

Recommendation of recommended houseplants based on personal diagnosis

Shopify レコメンド機能 AND PLANTS 観葉植物

The last thing I found interesting was the personalized diagnosis of houseplants.

For first-timers, it is hard to know how to choose a houseplant. In this situation, you select your preferences based on size, your preferred accent, room sunlight, room environment, personality, plant taste, and plant type, and the system recommends recommended houseplant products.

This recommendation function was also friendly to users who are vaguely thinking about wanting a houseplant.

Summary of "AND PLANTS," a Shopify site for houseplants

It is rare to see an e-commerce site for houseplants, but the "AND PLANTS" introduced here is not only very elaborate in terms of design, but also has a well thought-out Shopify I was impressed by the site.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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