[Shopify]アプリ Back In Stockで在庫切れ商品の再入荷通知を送信

[Shopify]アプリ Back In Stockで在庫切れ商品の再入荷通知を送信

The most important aspect of operating an e-commerce site is "selling products.

Of course, if this part of "selling products" is not functioning, the site is fatally flawed.


An e-commerce site where products cannot be purchased is the worst kind of e-commerce site.

This can be said to be the case. No such e-commerce site exists! Some people may say, "I don't know.

"Products not in stock

The same can be said about the

No product in stock = no product available for purchase.

This is the case.

The user has visited the store but cannot purchase the product because it is out of stock and leaves the store. This is something that should not happen on an e-commerce site!

If you use the Back In Stock app I'm going to introduce here, you can use Set up restocking notifications for out-of-stock items, leading to future purchases The result will be

Please use Back In Stock to minimize opportunity loss due to out-of-stock and secure future sales!

What is a Restocking Notification for Out-of-Stock Items?

Perhaps " restocking notification" is not a familiar term to those who have just started an e-commerce site.

Simply put, a restocking notification is a notification sent to customers when an out-of-stock item is restocked.

For example, let's say there is an e-commerce site that sells T-shirts of your favorite artist. You go to the e-commerce site, hoping to purchase it, but unfortunately it is out of stock.

Unfortunately, the site is out of stock, but it has a restocking notification feature, as shown below, which allows you to register your e-mail address to be notified when the item comes back in stock in the future.

Shopify notify me 再入荷通知

Then later, I received an e-mail notifying me that the item was back in stock, and I was able to purchase the item I was looking for. This is the flow of the process.

This "notification when inventory is back in stock" is called a restocking notification.

Merits and Benefits of Restock Notification

What are the benefits and effects of restocking notifications?

With Restock Notification Users can take action even when there is no stock.
When the product is back in stock, the user will be notified, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.
No Restock Notification If there is no stock, the user cannot do anything.

Thus, essentially, by setting up a restocking notification where nothing can be done if there was no stock, you can lead to future purchases!

Since they have come to our e-commerce site with an interest in our products, it is in their best interest to minimize opportunity loss as much as possible. And the re-stocking notification setting in Back In Stock introduced here is a very effective application for reducing opportunity loss.

Back In Stock App

Shopify back in stock アプリ 再入荷通知

Shopify App Store: Back In Stock

What the Back In Stock app can do

Now that you know what restocking notifications are, let's move on to the actual Back In Stock features!

What you can do on the front side (customer side)

First, here's what you can do on the store side of Shopify (the side visible to customers)!

  • Set up restock notifications for out-of-stock items
  • Restock notifications can even specify options such as size and color.
  • You will receive an email when the item is in stock.

By the way, you can see it like this as a screen. You can change the wording, colors, etc.!

Shopify back in stock 登録画面

What can be done on the management screen (store operator side)

Next, let's look at what you can do on the store operator's side!

  • Aggregate the number of restock notifications for each product
  • Change the design of forms and buttons displayed on the store
  • Change the design of restocking notification e-mails

Incidentally, in addition to the totals, it is also possible to refer to the respective data on the management screen as shown below.

shopify back in stock

How to install the Back In Stock application

Now that we have introduced the features of the Back In Stock app, which is an important re-stocking notification for running a Shopify store, we will quickly write about how to easily install and set up the app.

Installing the App

First install the Back In Stock app from the Shopify app store.

Shopify App Store: Back In Stock

Setting up email notifications

Next, set up a notification email to be sent to users when products are restocked.

Shopify Back in Stock email template

Configure Product Page Buttons

In addition, the restock notification registration button displayed on product pages can be edited to match the color scheme of your site.

Shopify back in stock product button

Restock Notification Registration Form

The last step is to set up a registration form for in-stock notifications. Here, too, the wording and colors can be freely set.

Shopify back in stock

Impressions from Actual Use of Back In Stock

Now that we have introduced the general functions and usage of Back In Stock, what you may be interested in is what we think of the actual use of Back In Stock.

What are your thoughts on the actual use of Back In Stock? is

  • Intuitive and easy-to-edit management screen
  • Easy to change wording and colors
  • API is available so engineers can make detailed adjustments
  • Analysis shows which products are in high demand

Personally, I found the app quite easy to use!

The only disadvantage is that the administration screen is in English, which may be a little difficult to understand. The only disadvantage is that the administration screen is in English, so it may be a little difficult to understand.

However, this can be converted to Japanese by using chrome's page translator, so if you are not very good at English, please give it a try.

Implementing Restock Notification in Shopify Store Summary

In this issue, we'll be looking at an e-commerce site. Restocking notifications to minimize opportunity loss I've introduced you to a few things about!

If you are interested, please give it a try.

Shopify App Store: Back In Stock

Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day!

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