In this article, we will show you how to change the URL of the pages (Pages) you create in your Shopify store. As with changing the URL of a product detail page, it is quite confusing, so we will look at it one at a time.

For example, in the URL


part can be changed to any string you like.

What is a fixed page in Shopify?

First of all, let us clarify which part of a fixed page we are referring to. Specifically, it is the part of the admin page → online store → page.

Shopify 固定ページ 作成

In this page section, the main pages to be created are

  • About page
  • Company Page
  • About Brand Page
  • Feature page
  • Landing page (LP)
  • About page

These are the pages that you will use whenever you build a Shopify store.

[Shopify App] Create a stylish LP with no code using PageFly

How to change the URL of a Shopify fixed page

Now that we have clarified the concept of fixed pages, we will quickly show you how to change the page URL.

First, as before

Admin page→Online store→Pages→Page whose URL you want to edit

Go to The screen should look like the following

Shopify ページ SEOを編集

Then click on "Edit Website SEO" in the pink frame above.

Shopify ページ URL 変更

Then, you will see the "URL and Handle" column as shown above, and if you change that, the URL will be changed.

For example, in this example, the URL is


The form is as follows.

How to change or edit the URL of a fixed page in a [Shopify] store Summary

This is how to change the fixed page URLs in your Shopify store, and if you're just starting out with Shopify, it's not always easy to get to where you can change the URLs, so I hope this helps!

Also, when using Shopify, the "page" where the LP or About page is created is very important, so you should definitely pay attention to the URL.

If the URL of your About page is


If the information is not well defined, such as "I am not sure if this is a good idea", the person who enters credit card information or personal information will feel a little uneasy.

Well, thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day!

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