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While reading through the official international Shopify documentation, I came across the following free webinar and decided to attend.

It was designed for merchants who are struggling to increase sales and learn the know-how needed to get their first sale from the store's opening to the public, so here is a summary of what I learned.

Shopify Marketing 101

It was a 30-minute seminar, all in English, so if you are interested in the original source, you can find it here. It seemed to be held on a regular basis and was separate from the recorded viewing.

[Shopify Official Marketing 101 Webinar].


Now for a summary of the above webinar!

How users make purchases

Shopify Marketing 101

Upgrading each of these steps will lead to a user purchase.

At first, it is important to enhance the product page in the Landing Page section. Review your store again, including whether the product detail pages contain the necessary information.

Adding related products to the cart page may also increase conversions.

Thinking about each step of your Shopify store in this way will lead to sales.

Three important things to think about when selling products

Think about your strengths in positioning.

What are the strengths in your store?

Shopify マーケティング

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Convenience
  • Uniqueness
  • Emotions gained from purchasing your product

He said that it is important to think about what will be the strengths of your Shopify store, such as

For example, if you are competing on price, offer a minimum price guarantee.

If it's the emotion that comes from buying your products, for example, you may want to focus on reassuring parents by emphasizing the absence of harmful materials in your children's products.

In this way, you need to analyze the strengths of your store/product and think through "why customers buy this product and in this store".

They should also consider how to reflect these strengths in their store. For example, if you sell on quality, you can add a review function to the product detail page to assert your strengths.

Who is the product for?

Next, it is very important to consider "what kind of people will be buying".

For example, if it is a cosmetic product

  • Women in their 20s
  • Lives in the city center
  • Likes to dress up

We can imagine a rough image of the customer, such as

Then, we find out what kind of tools they use and what kind of actions they take.

Then, if it is the above customer

  • Advertising on Instagram is more effective than on Twitter
  • Products and wrapping that are more photogenic than practical are more effective
  • Offering & promoting products to influencers instead of general advertising is effective

These are important guidelines for finding the most efficient way to promote and sell your products.

Shopify 運用 方法

By defining who your Shopify store's target audience is, you will be able to

  • Advertising management for facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Promotion through influencers on Instagram, youtube, blogs, etc.
  • Get referrals from affiliates.
  • Attract customers through blogs, videos, and other content
  • Go around directly to sales on Reddit, Facebook, etc.

Select what is effective and actually try it out from among various methods such as

Break-even point for advertising

Shopify 広告 損益分岐点

The break-even point determines whether the advertisement is running well or not.

First, calculate the selling price and the cost or commission, and then calculate how much profit you will make for each item sold. Then, operate the advertisement, determine whether you are actually operating the advertisement effectively, and repeat trial and error to get closer to the optimal operation.

Seminar: Steps from Store Launch to First Sales Summary

The above is a list of things to do before making your first sale.

Certainly figure out the strengths of your product and build a store that will allow you to take advantage of those strengths. I also reaffirmed that it is very important to decide on a specific target and implement measures to attract customers to that target.

It was also interesting that during the seminar, it was mentioned that it is more valuable to be able to attract a determined (target) group of 100 users than to attract an unspecified group of 1000 users.

Thank you for reading to the end. I hope you found it useful! I would be happy if you think so. Have a great day!


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