[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.5] 楽天の家具部門でお馴染みの家具屋さんタンスのゲン

[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.5] 楽天の家具部門でお馴染みの家具屋さんタンスのゲン

This Shopify site case study is the well-known "Tansu no Gen" store on Rakuten. They also have stores on Rakuten Market and Amazon, and especially on Rakuten Market, I think they have a monopoly in the furniture category with good cost performance. It is a well-known furniture store that focuses on online shopping, which gives the impression that the company is a "one-stop store" for furniture.

We recently learned that "Tansu no Gen" has its own website on Shopify, so we decided to summarize it as one of the case studies.

All Shopify store examples are summarized below for your reference.

EC Penguin Shopify Store Case Study Summary

Furniture store's overwhelming product lineup

Shopify タンスのゲン 商品カテゴリ一覧

Unlike other Shopify cases, the most remarkable thing about "Tansu no Gen" is that it has over 2,500 products.

It is a very rare example of a Shopify store handling this number of products, and the use of product categories, the use of the refinement feature, and other aspects may be helpful for large Shopify stores.

In particular, when you mouse over the product categories in the header, the category list opens and is divided into parent and child categories for easy viewing.

Shopify タンスのゲン 絞り込み機能 ストア事例

Also, the refinement feature

  • Size
  • Type
  • Material
  • Features
  • Design
  • Shape
  • Thickness

The structure is designed to make it easy to reach the product you are looking for by allowing you to filter by various factors such as And each collection has different filtering items displayed, so it was designed to avoid confusion.

Each page introducing corporate information

Shopify タンスのゲン ページ
There are also plenty of pages where you can learn more about the company itself, such as CSR activities, corporate philosophy, and department information.

Nowadays, people are placing more importance not only on what they buy on e-commerce sites, but also on where they buy it from. In such an environment, core users will appreciate the many pages that allow them to learn more about the company.

A must for large stores? Display of recently checked products

Shopify 最近見た商品 タンスのゲン

The wardrobe also displays recently checked products.

Surprisingly few stores display recently checked products on Shopify sites. However, when the number of products exceeds 2,000, as is the case with Tansu no Gen, it can be difficult to find a product that you have looked at once again.

The "Recently Checked Products" display, which alleviates such stress, may be a must for large stores.

Shopify Case Study: Tansu no Gen, a well-known furniture store in Rakuten's furniture department Summary

This was the introduction of the furniture store "Tansu no Gen.

It is rare to find such a large scale Shopify store, so we found a lot of useful information such as how the products are separated, how the lead-in line to the products is organized, and how they reduce user stress caused by the large number of products.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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