[Shopify] PageFlyアプリでノーコード編集できる6つのページ種類タイプまとめ

[Shopify] PageFlyアプリでノーコード編集できる6つのページ種類タイプまとめ

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In this issue, we will introduce the page types that can be edited in PageFly. PageFly is known for its no-code editing application with a free plan, but we have compiled a list of which pages can actually be edited with no-code.

Please refer to this page if you would like to know which pages can actually be edited with no-code before installing the app.

List of page types that can be edited with PageFly

First of all, here is a summary of the page types that can be edited from PageFly, which is the main topic of this issue.

Shopify PageFly 編集できるページ一覧

  1. Regular Pages (fixed pages)
  2. Home Pages
  3. Product Pages
  4. Collection Pages
  5. Blog Posts
  6. Password Pages

If you have been using Shopify for a relatively long time, you should have a general understanding of what each of these pages refers to, but if you have just started using Shopify, it may be difficult to visualize. However, if you are just starting out with Shopify, it may be difficult to visualize what each type of page is.

What are Regular Pages?

First of all, Regular Pages are like fixed pages, which can be created in the Shopify admin panel by going to Admin → Online Store → Pages.

Shopify ページ アプリ

The URLs are marked with "/pages/" (e.g. pages/about).

What are Home Pages?

Home Pages refers to the top page of the Shopify site.

The Home Pages is the page that appears when you click on the "eyeball" symbol on the administration page.

Shopify 管理画面 Home Pages

Since it is the home page of the Shopify site, the URL is almost always your own domain name with nothing appended to it.

What are Product Pages?

Next are Product Pages. Product pages may be easier to understand.

Go to the "Manage Products" page, select the appropriate product, and click the "View" button in the upper right corner of the page.

Shopify product pages 商品詳細

Then you will see the product page. That is the product detail page, which can also be edited from PageFly.

The product detail page is a very important page for the Shopify store, as it includes the "Add to Cart" button, so it is a very nice application to be able to edit this page with no code.

The URL feature of the URL is "/products/".

What is "Collection Pages"?

Collection Pages, as the name suggests, are collection pages.

Administration → Product Management → Collections

Shopify コレクション ページ

to access the list of collection pages.

If you are using a collection page as a guide to find products, you should edit the page with no code in PageFly.

The URL of the page should be "/collections/".

What is "Blog Posts"?

Blog Posts refers to blog posts. This article you are currently reading is a typical example of a blog post. The URL above has "/blogs/" in it.

Administration → Online Store → Blog Posts

Shopify ブログ記事

The blog pages would also be very easy to read blog posts if the no-code PageFly application is used, as each page would be very highly editable.

6) What is Password Pages?

Lastly, we will discuss Password Pages.

Password Pages are pages that are displayed when the store is temporarily closed for maintenance or other reasons.

Administration → Online Store → Settings → Password Protection → Enable Password

shopify パスワードページ

checkbox so that the password will be displayed.

If you are running a Shopify site, there will be times when you will need to go to the maintenance screen, so we recommend that you set this up as well when you install PageFly.

6 No-Code Editable Page Types in Shopify's PageFly App Summary

This is the list of page type types that can be edited in the PageFly application.

If you move to the highest paid plan, you will be able to create as many page templates as you want, and you will be able to freely edit your blog posts with no code design changes for each post, which is very attractive.

One day, when my blog grows and I get a lot of work, I will definitely move to PageFly Platinum ($99/month)! LOL Until then, I'm on the free plan.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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