[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.3] ポップで遊び心のあるデザインお菓子屋Pipcorn

[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.3] ポップで遊び心のあるデザインお菓子屋Pipcorn

This Shopofy site case study is the store of the very stylish popcorn shop "Pipcorn"! The design was very pop and playful, and the site was very elaborate and impressive Shopify store.

If you look up "stylish Shopify site" or "excellently designed Shopify store" in English, you will most likely come across this pipcorn site, so it can be said that this is a globally acclaimed EC store.

By the way, the URL of Pipcorn's store is as follows.


Now let me walk you through this inspiring part step by step!

Stylish top page design, illustrations, and overall color scheme

Shopify Pipcorn サイト事例 トップページ

First and foremost is the color scheme.

The colors have this old-fashioned feel to them, but they are not old-fashioned, and they pop. The red accent color is exquisite amongst the very subdued colors.

Also, each of the illustrations is very carefully designed (as you can see when you open the site), with the entire illustration moving as if it were blowing in the wind, and the area where the popcorn is being made occasionally flutters around.

Mouse hover to see the moving product image

Shopify ストア事例 pipcorn お菓子

Next, excellent! I was impressed by the above hover effect. When you hover the mouse over it, the product image moves left and right! This was, by far, the most impressive point.

Please try to visit the URL I just mentioned and experience the excitement. I was surprised at how much the impression can be changed just by a slight movement of an image like this! I thought.

I was deeply impressed by the fact that designing not only with elaborate colors and design, but also taking the "movement" part into consideration can impress the user and lead to branding!

Header menu with excellent design

Shopify ストア事例 pipcorn ヘッダー プルダウン

The next thing I thought was cute was this header.

When you hover the mouse over the ABOUT section or the SHOP section, a header menu that looks like a folded memo appears.

I thought it was an excellent and stylish design.

The filtering method on the collection page is cute.

SHopify collection ページ 事例 pipcorn

And when you go to the product listing page, you will see this image of each snack.


When you click on this snack, wow...

I can filter products...!

Clicking on POPCORN would display a list of popcorn products.

Shopify Site Case Study No. 3: Pop and Playful Design Candy Shop "Pipcorn" Summary

There were many more parts I would like to introduce, but due to character count and other reasons, this item will be the last.

As you would expect from a confectionery shop, the Shopify site is very nice and playful in many places. I felt that they must have spent a long time to create this site with a lot of care and attention. I could also associate the site's high quality and elaborate design with the products being made with the same care and attention to detail.

This site case reminded me of the importance of site structure and design in conveying branding and product image.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!


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