[Shopify] 越境ECを見込んだ海外配送に対応させる方法

[Shopify] 越境ECを見込んだ海外配送に対応させる方法

In this issue, we will introduce how to set up international shipping, which is necessary for those doing cross-border e-commerce. Generally, if you have set up only domestic shipping, you can only ship within Japan, and there have been cases where customers from overseas cannot purchase your products.

Therefore, we have decided to introduce

  • Those considering cross-border EC
  • There is even a small chance that a customer from overseas may purchase

Please be sure to make the following settings. Otherwise, interested overseas customers will not be able to purchase your products.

Check Shopify's Existing Shipping Settings

First, let's take a look at the existing send settings in your Shopify store.

Admin → Settings → Shipping & Delivery

Go to

You will then see that

Shopify 送料 設定 既存 変更

Click on the "Manage Shipping Costs" button on the "Shipping Method at Checkout" screen.

Shopify 配送かんり

Then you will see the "Domestic Shipping" and "International Shipping" sections. In the above example, the system will properly ship overseas outside of Japan.

However, if there is no "Overseas Shipping" but only "Domestic Shipping" in this section, please be careful. In that case, it will be judged as if only Japan is available for delivery, and all products will not be able to be shipped overseas.

Adding International Shipping Settings to Shopify Checkout

If "International Shipping" is not set in the above section and only "Domestic Shipping" is set, then the international shipping setting must be added.

The procedure is the same as before

Administration → Settings → Shipping & Delivery

and click on "Create New Shipping Area. A selection popup will then appear as shown below. Select the country you wish to deliver to from this list.

Shopify 海外配送

If you would like to simply divide the countries into Japan and other countries, choose "Other areas of the world" and proceed with the settings. If you want to narrow down the delivery area more, it is possible to set the price to 100 yen in the U.S., 100 yen in Europe, and so on.

Now you have the ability to delay your goods to other countries!

You can then set up your own shipping profile and configure it for each region. Rumor has it that some countries may not be able to ship in the first place due to corona, so please consider the product category, size, weight, etc. to find the best shipping plan.

[Shopify] How to support international shipping in anticipation of cross-border e-commerce Summary

As you can see, simply forgetting to configure the relevant parts of the store may result in a store that cannot support international shipping.

We, too, had taken all possible measures to prepare for the start of cross-border e-commerce, such as setting up our store in English, but we had problems such as "not being able to ship internationally" in the shipping section. When you challenge cross-border EC, please remember these settings and be careful.

Thank you very much for reading to the end. Have a great day!


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