Introduction of recommended apps that you must have in your [Shopify] store.

I'm presenting to you an app that I would absolutely love to have in my Shopify store!

You're building a Shopify store.

I can use this app! Very useful!

I have encountered some apps that I think are very useful. This article will introduce such apps. By the way, I don't know how to use them. If you don't know how to use them, please feel free to contact me through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Recommendation 1: PageFly Landing Page Builder App

PageFly app Shopify ページ

Shopify App Store: "PageFly

First up, I'd like to recommend a landing page app called PageFly!

That's an amazing number of reviews, 6096 of them, and I've rarely seen such an astounding rating of nearly 5 stars. (It's been a while since I've seen that, but I was surprised too...)

With no code you can create pages like the following!

  • Product page
  • Landing page (LP)
  • Top page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Campaign Page

Moreover Create one page for free with a wide variety of templates You can do it, so give it a try!

PageFly Instructions Article: (Japanese only)

How to easily create a "blog post" landing page (LP) "PageFly Fully Illustrated

Recommendation 2: Product filter and search

Shopify アプリ Product filter and search

Shopify App Store: "Product Filter & Search

Next, we introduce an application to narrow down the product listings!

Shopify's default features are not very good at sorting and filtering products...

So as the number of products grows Site design makes it difficult to find products The reason for this is that the

However, with this app, you can use

  • Tags
  • Collections
  • Price
  • Color, Size

It is possible to narrow down the search by And it's blazingly fast. I have personally installed this system in several stores, and all of my clients were impressed with the speed.

By the way, you can create filters like this. The ability to use icons of shapes and to filter by color balls is a very user-friendly feature.

Shopify 絞り込み機能 アプリ 紹介

Recommendation 3: Back In Stock Product Restock Notification

Shopify Back in Stock 再入荷通知アプリ

Shopify App Store: "Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Next up is Back In Stock, an app that notifies customers when an out-of-stock item is back in stock!

The problem of out-of-stock is inevitable in the management of an e-commerce site, and it can be said that a lot of customers have been flowing into the product pages due to the buzz generated by social networking sites. If a product is out of stock, there is no longer any action that users can take.

This is a huge opportunity loss for the store.

However, by using the "Back In Stock" application

Out-of-stock items → Register for restocking notifications → Notify customers when stock is restocked

You can now do this!

In addition, the app allows users to specify the color, size, etc. of specific products, making it easy to make a purchase.

Blog post: Back In Stock sends restock notifications for out-of-stock items

Shopify App Summary

The one we are introducing in this issue is Apps that I have actually used myself In. Apps that our clients have been very happy with Introduction of the!

I could list many apps with good reviews as recommended apps, but I thought it would be bad to easily introduce apps that I have never used myself, so I carefully selected them!

I can recommend it quite properly because I have actually used it, lol.

Give it a try if you like!

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