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This time, we will introduce "Easy Tagging," an application that can automatically tag orders by condition. When dozens of orders come in a day, it can be a challenge to find the right order. A specific tag is assigned to an order if it contains a specific product. Assign a specific tag to an order if it exceeds a specific order amount. I have found a very capable paid app that allows you to tag orders with very detailed criteria, such as

We will only introduce automatic tagging of orders, but this app is excellent for tagging customers and products as well.

What is the "Easy Tagging" paid app?

Shopify App Easy Tagging


Easy Tagging is a paid application created by DevCloud that allows automatic tagging of customers, orders, and products.

It is very easy to use and highly functional because it is an application that allows you to specify very detailed conditions and automatically tag orders. (In fact, we have tried several auto-tagging apps, but this is the easiest to use and the most useful.)

) There is a brief video introduction (39 seconds), so if you have time, please watch it below.

Easy Tagging App Price

Pricing is as follows

Number of tags Price

2,000 tags/month


10,000 tags/month


50,000 tags/month


200,000 tags/month


The lowest plan of $4.99/month is probably sufficient in most cases. It is capable of auto-tagging 2,000 orders per month, which translates to approximately 65 orders tagged per day.

Conditions for using Easy Tagging

Next, you may be wondering what conditions can be specified when it comes to automatic order tagging.

Before I first installed Easy Tagging, I was wondering if it was possible to tag orders based on total order value, weight, and whether certain items were included in the order. But I was wrong.

It's so much more powerful than that.

This line_item object can be used for the most part.


Moreover, I had the impression that there are many items that can be used with the order object.


This is very excellent. I was amazed at the Easy Tagging app that allows you to set very detailed criteria. And $4.99/month for up to 2,000 auto-tagged items is too cheap.

By the way, here is the Easy Tagging auto-tagging condition setting screen.

Shopify 注文 管理 条件選択

I'll explain the condition items that can be used easily.

  • line_item.title Product name included in the order
  • line_item.total_price Total order value
  • line_item.quantity Quantity of each item
  • line_item.shipping_tracking_company Shipping company
  • billing_address.city City of billing address
  • billing_address.country Country of billing address
  • currency Currency
  • total_price Total price
  • total_weight Total weight

The conditions can be created with a variety of values, such as (This is just a small sample, there are many more values that can be used.)

And below are the conditions that can be compared to the item values described above.

For example, line_item.title below is the name of the item included in the order.

The item name and the

  • equal to Equal to
  • non equal to non equal to
  • contains Contains
  • not contains
  • Greater than Greater than
  • greater or equal than ~ or greater than
  • Less than lower than
  • lower or equal than ~ or less than ~
  • starts with ~
  • ends with ~
  • in list Included in list
  • not in list
  • contains exact word contains exact word
  • not contains exact word does not contain exact word

The comparison can be made under a variety of conditions, such as

Shopify App 注文にタグ付け

Personally, I find the "contains" feature especially useful.

It is amazing to be able to specify only one condition, but it is also possible to combine it with multiple conditions.

Shopify App Easy Tagging 注文 タグ付け

You can also set "Apply the rule only on order creation" to apply the rule only on order creation, and not on order updates, etc.

Finally, you can specify a tag in the "THEN APPLY Tag Values" section, which will be automatically assigned to the order if it meets these conditions.

Paid application for automatically tagging Shopify order orders by detailed criteria Summary

The above is an introduction to an application called "Easy Tagging" that enables automatic tagging by setting conditions on orders.

This app is really excellent, and I was so impressed with it that the article itself became a bit long lol.

Perhaps if you are looking for an automatic order tagging app, you can't go wrong with this app. You can set conditions from a very wide variety of values, and you can also specify multiple conditions, so I think it can handle most specifications.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!


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