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[Shopify App] Product Filter & Searchでフィルターや検索を充実させる

Today we will introduce a paid application for Shopify called "Product Filter & Search".

When you are running a Shopify store, do you ever find that it becomes very difficult to find products when the number of products exceeds three digits?

Shopify's default search function even picks up extra keywords. The product listing page doesn't narrow down the products well (or doesn't have the ability to narrow down the products), making it very difficult to find the products.

I think there are stores where such issues come up.

The "Product Filter & Search" paid app ($19~/month) introduced this time makes it possible to easily find the products you want.

Shopify アプリ product filter & search 有料 Shopify Official App Store

What is Product Filter & Search?

First, what does the Product Filter & Search Shopify app allow you to do? We'll start with what you can do with the Product Filter & Search Shopify app.

Specifically, you can

  1. Enhanced filtering and sorting functions using tags, colors, etc.
  2. Enhanced search functionality using related words, etc.

These are

Product filtering and sorting functions

Shopify サイト product filter & search

The filter function can be embedded in the sidebar or at the top of the product listing page, as shown here. You have a product sort function included in the upper right corner.

Site-wide search function

Another great thing about this application is that the quality of search results is much higher.

Shopify ストア product filter & search アプリ

This search suggestion at the top is a very nice feature for users. And I thought that displaying products directly in the suggestions is also a good feature to motivate people to buy.

The Boost Commerce demo store is here↓.


Introduction of Filter (Refine) Function

Let us briefly introduce each of these functions.

First, the filter function is

  • Product Tags
  • Collections
  • Price
  • Color variation

You can set up a filter with a variety of information such as

Also, the Merge Value setting allows multiple product tags to be combined into a single value, which is a very useful feature that allows existing product tags to be used to narrow down the search. (T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, shirts, etc. can be combined into "shirts").

Product Filter & search カラー swatch

This kind of narrowing down by color can also be summarized, allowing you to display your own favorite color balls. (You need to upload an image for the color balls from Settings->File.)

Similarly, you can upload your favorite image to be used for shapes and other images like this.

Shopify App product filter and search

It gives a nice original look.

Introduction of Sort (Sorting) Function

Next, we introduce the sorting function. The sorting functions available are as follows

  • Best Selling
  • Featured (in order of recommendation)
  • Price, low to high
  • Price, high to low
  • Alphabetically, A-Z
  • Alphabetically, Z-A
  • Date, new to old
  • Date old to new

You can sort in this many different orders.

Introduction of the search function

Finally, we introduce the search function.

I thought it was an attractive feature.

  • Display of search suggestions
  • Tie in similar words

The following are the main reasons.

For example, when "w" is entered in the search window, "winter warm", "women white" and other candidate keywords are automatically displayed. There are some limitations, however, because Japanese words such as Kanji characters are included, but I think it can be used to some extent.

I also found it useful to be able to string together similar words. For example, when searching for "smartphone," it is possible to pick up "iPhone" and "Android" at the same time and display them in the search results. Very convenient.

Enhance your filtering and searching with the Product Filter & Search app.

This app, Product Filter & Search, is quite well known overseas and has very good reviews.

Shopify App Rating Product Filter and Search

It has over 700 reviews with an average of 4.9, isn't that great?

It is very easy to use and has a lot of features that we haven't fully introduced yet. If you are looking for a search and filter function like this! If you have an ideal, you may be able to realize it once you try this application. (It's free for 2 weeks!)


Thank you for reading to the end. If you think it's good, I'd appreciate it if you could share it on social networking sites, etc.!

Have a great day!


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