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[Shopify]サイトのベースカラーを決める時に使用したい"Color Hunt"

When creating a Shopify site from scratch, you will need to decide on site colors. What base color should you use and what accent color should you use? Many of you may have such a problem.

This time, we would like to introduce "Color Hunt," a site we recommend for deciding on such color combinations.

You can easily use this site without registering as a member.

Importance of color schemes in e-commerce sites

It is very difficult to decide on a "color scheme" for a website.

You have to choose colors that match your products and company, and even subtle differences in brightness can change the impression of the site dramatically. Choosing the right colors for your site is a very, very important decision.

Color schemes are a very deep field, and there are even tests such as the color certification and the color coordinator certification exam. If I, as an amateur who cannot distinguish colors properly, were to select the color scheme, I would end up with a blurry e-commerce site, or a Shopify site that looks amateurish. It could end up with a blurry e-commerce site or a Shopify site that looks amateurish.

I am confident in my color schemes and color combinations! If you have a good sense of style, please use it to the fullest and incorporate it into your site.

However, not all people are like that. I think there are many people who feel that they are not good at combining colors. If you are like me, please take a look at the site I am going to introduce today and try to incorporate it into your own site.

Color Hunt, which suggests stylish color schemes every day

Now that we have shown you the difficulty and importance of color schemes, let's move on to today's main topic.

Color Hunt, which offers a variety of color schemes.

Color Hunt 配色提案サイト


They put together various color combinations like this.

All of the color schemes are very stylish, and you can spend an hour or so looking at the site.

There is also an official video, if you would like to take a look! (35 seconds)

As the Color Hunt site states, you may use the color palette as is, or you are encouraged to use it for color inspiration.

It is also possible to sort by popular color palettes, fastest rising color palettes, new color palettes, etc.

How to use Color Hunt in your Shopify store

Let's take a look together at the process of acquiring colors in Color Hunt and then applying them in the Shopify store.

How to get colors in Color Hunt

Shopify color pallet hunt

First, go to Color Hunt and bring the cursor up to the color you want. Then you will see a 6-digit alphanumeric number "#A20A0A" as shown in red above.

Copy that one! This is the color code.

Set it from the customize screen on the Shopify side.

Next, we will apply the color code we just copied on the Shopify side.

Admin → Online Store → Themes → Customize → Theme Settings at the bottom.

Shopify テーマ設定 色

Click on the color here and select the color of the area you wish to change.

Then click on

Shopify 色調整 ボタン

Change this "#3A3A3A" to "#A20A0A" copied from Color Hunt.

Now the color you just brought from Color Hunt will be applied!

Color Hunt" to use when determining the base color of your Shopify site Conclusion

This is an introduction to "Color Hunt," a website that can be used as a reference when deciding on the color scheme of your Shopify site.

If you browse through the site, you may find a color you like. I am sure that you will find a color that you like. We sincerely hope that you will be able to find a color that conveys the maximum appeal of your brand or product without damaging its image.

Have a great day!


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