[Shopify] ディスカウント割引クーポンコードの発行方法 まとめ

[Shopify] ディスカウント割引クーポンコードの発行方法 まとめ

In this article, we will explain how to issue discount discount coupon codes.

You can do things like apply a discount only to people who have a Shopify store and have a coupon code. I've been meaning to create a discount code, but I'm not quite sure how! I feel like I can do it somehow, but I'm a little nervous! Don't worry, we will write this article for those who are interested in this topic.

Types of Discount Discount Coupon Codes

First of all, let's look at the types of discounts that can be set up as discount discount codes.

  • Discount Percentage
    →5% discount, etc.

  • Fixed price
    →500 yen discount, etc.

  • Free Shipping
    →Free shipping regardless of weight or value

  • Buy X, get Y
    →Free product B with the purchase of product A.

The following types of products are available.

However, you cannot select more than one of these types, and you will only be able to select one of the above discounts.

I just want to issue a "discount + free shipping" discount code! In that case, please refer to the following article. (You need to use the app.)

[Shopify] Discussion on whether discount and free shipping can be done at the same time on one order

Setting conditions that can be applied when discounting

Next, we will discuss setting the conditions under which discount discount codes can be applied.

Shopify is very good at making sure that not all users can use the discount code, but that it can be a specific condition or narrowed down to a specific group of users.

Discount Eligibility You can specify the products to which the discount can be applied, such as all products, specific collections, or specific products.
Minimum Requirement You can specify conditions such as "applicable when the number of products is X" or more, or "applicable when the price is X" or more.
Customer Eligibility You can restrict who can use the system, for example, only customers with a specific tag can use the system.
Usage Restrictions You can set the number of times the coupon code itself can be used, or you can set it so that it can only be used once per person.
Valid Date You can set the period during which the coupon can be used.

What this allows you to do, for example

  • Limited Valentine's Day sale for a limited period of time
  • Company discount for employee-tagged users only
  • Create a sale collection and then offer special prices

You can do all sorts of things with your ingenuity!

How to Create Specific Discount Codes

Let's take a look at how to create a discount coupon code.

Admin → Discount → Create Coupon Code

ディスカウント割引コード Shopify

Then, simply select the conditions and other factors mentioned in the previous section to issue the discount discount coupon code.

Shopify 割引コード 発行

You can issue discount discount codes in this way in a sensible way.

Creating a Discount Discount Code on Shopify Summary

This is how to create a discount coupon on your Shopify store.

Discount coupons can boost sales and provide a better customer experience, so why not use them?

Have a great day!

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