In this article, I will write about the issue of whether free shipping and discount discounts can be applied at the same time, which is a question I have asked myself at least once when using Shopify.

As for what we want to achieve.

Enter the coupon code at order checkout

After entering the coupon code, the discount and free shipping are applied.

Coupon discount and free shipping

This is how it works.

This "Discount Discount + Free Shipping" discussion has been going on in the Shopify community since 2018, with various people sharing their opinions over 26 pages.

And as it turns out, the simultaneous application of "Discount Discount + Free Shipping" is not possible by Shopify default. However, it is possible to achieve this in a loophole way, so I will write about that as well.

Shopify Default Coupons

First of all, as already mentioned, Shopify's default feature does not allow discounts and free shipping to be applied at the same time.

Discounts and discounts only

Free shipping only

The only way to achieve this is to either

To do this, go to the "Admin" page, then "Discounts", then "Create Coupon", and you will see the following screen.

Shopify デフォルト クーポンコード

There are three types of coupons: discount rate, free shipping, and flat rate discount, but you cannot select more than one. If you want to use discount OR free shipping, you can do that here, but since you are applying both at the same time, it is not possible as of May 2021 with Shopify's default functionality.

How to achieve Free Shipping AND Discounted Discounts

So how is simultaneous application achieved?

The answer would be to use a paid application.

Shopify discount ninja app


You can use this app to realize "Discount Discount AND Free Shipping"!

First, you can use the app Discount Ninja.

Discount + Free Shipping

Create a coupon that says

Then use the coupon on the cart screen to get the discount and free shipping!

The only thing to note is that the coupon can be used on the "cart screen", not on the "checkout screen". More specifically, it will be in the "Discount Ninja's own coupon field on the cart screen", not in the "Shopify default coupon field on the checkout screen". If you can compromise on that, using the application will solve the problem.

How to set up Discount Ninja specifically

Please see the video below for specific instructions on how to achieve "Discount Discount + Free Shipping" with Discount Ninja.


Can I get a [Shopify] discount and free shipping at the same time on one order?

How was the above?

Discounts and free shipping are in very high demand as you can see from the Shopify thread, and I wish Shopify would add it as a default feature! Many of them said, "I'm not sure I can do this.

However, while there have been many requests, it has been two years without any implementation on the Shopify side. So, until then, I think we have no choice but to use the method I have introduced here.

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