[Shopify] ハロウィン用のLP(ランディングページ)を無料ノーコードで作成する方法

[Shopify] ハロウィン用のLP(ランディングページ)を無料ノーコードで作成する方法

In this article, we will show you how to create a free, no-code landing page (LP) for Halloween.

After all, launching a limited edition product or campaign for a seasonal event can generate greater sales than normal. Halloween is another important fall event, although not as big as Christmas or Valentine's Day.

To coincide with such events

  • I want to create an exclusive campaign page focused on Halloween.
  • I'm launching a limited edition product and want to create a dedicated sales page.

→But hiring a development company is expensive, and I want to make a stylish LP with no code!

This blog post is for those who are interested in this topic.

PageFly app to create free LPs with no code

In this case, we will use PageFly, which allows you to create landing pages (LPs) and other pages with no code & for free.

PageFly Shopify App (Shopify App Store)

PageFly enables the creation of no-code pages through intuitive operations such as drag-and-drop, and has many types of existing templates, giving the impression of a very easy-to-use application.

shopify ハロウィン テンプレ ランディングページ PageFly

The quality of a landing page created by ordering a design from a professional designer and having it coded by a coder.

The appeal of this service is that you can quickly create a high-quality LP, though not quite to the level of a landing page.

List of Halloween-like templates

Since we're here, let's take a look at some Halloween-like design templates. By the way, all templates are free of charge.

1. sugar rush lp template

Shopify sugar rush ハロウィン テンプレート ノーコード

The most Halloween-inspired template is Sugar Rush. It has a complete set of functions such as product listings, review items, newsletter registration, etc. Above all, it is a very nice template with Halloween-like colors.

2. organia LP template

Shopify ハロウィン LP ノーコード

The next template is Organia. This template has a clean and simple look, but it can also be used to create product lists, banners, etc., and we felt it would be a good fit for a Shopify site that handles colorful products.

3. Christine LP Template

Shopify christine ハロウィン テンプレ

Last but not least is an LP template called Christine. This is an LP template with dark tones and a luxurious design. It looks easy to use not only for Halloween, but also for introducing fall items.

Edit PageFly landing page with no code

The above is a piped-up version of one of the many templates that I think would be suitable for Halloween, based on my own prejudice. Of course, there are also many templates that are not based on Halloween, and it may be fun to arrange a general template in a Halloween style.

Also, since it is intuitive and no-code editable, you can, for example, change the product listing section to include a large product image or banner. It is also relatively easy to place the main image at the top center of the page in a large enough size to be memorable on the full screen.

Incidentally, I myself am a PageFly user and have experience in creating multiple pages. A few tricks to make it look a little more stylish are

Set a smaller font size
and make the width a little narrower to accommodate the content


I think you can make a more authentic LP if you keep these two points in mind. (For reference only, lol)

[Shopify] How to create a free no-code landing page for Halloween Summary

This is how to create a free no-code landing page for Halloween. pageFly's page builder app is quite well-known and well-reviewed in the Shopify community, so if you are interested in it, it would be interesting to try it out.

PageFly Shopify App (Shopify App Store)

Moreover, the first page is free, so it is easy to start touching it. (To create the second and subsequent pages, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. (To create a second and subsequent pages, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan, but you can bypass the paid plan by making endless revisions and edits to one page.)

Well then, thank you for reading to the end! Have a great day!

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