[Shopify] ノーコードのPageFlyアプリでAboutページを作る方法

[Shopify] Make ABOUT page free with PageFly NoCode

About Shopify nocode

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No matter what kind of store you are managing, we all need to have About page to describe your store. It could be the description of your company or brand, or you can write your vision of why you are doing it. It's one of the most important page in your store and it is the place where your customers know about your store.

Especially, new users are tend to visit often.

So in this article, we will compare

  • About page made from Shopify default page
  • About page that are made with nocode in PageFly app

and will show exact way to make about page of your store.

About page comparison between Shopify default and Pagefly app

As we have stated before, we are going to compare Shopify default about page, and the about page that are made by PageFly app.

When we make About page with Shopify default, it will be like this....

Shopify default About page

It's very simple when we try to say in a good way. But obviously too simple and difficult to show your brand image.

Suppose you have came to this store and first saw this about page. Would you be happy to buy some product from this store?

So it's not a good idea to make your about page with Shopify default.

On the other hand, if you use free app PageFly to make about page, you can make some page like this with easy nocode.

Shopify template PageFly About

Layout like this is also possible.

Shopify PageFly about page

This is just one of the examples. To change the layout, color, or add elements are easy to do.

Make about page with PageFly app with nocode

Now we are actually making about page and dividing the each steps to follow.

①Install PageFly App

If you haven't downloaded PageFly yet, you can download from below link. So go ahead and install it on your store. First page is completely free and if you want to make several pages in the future you can subscribe to the paid plan.

Shopify app PageFly

②Open PageFly app from admin screen

Admin → Apps → PageFly and open the Pagefly app.

Click 『Regular Pages』.

Shopify nocode pagefly

③Choose About page template in PageFly app

Now we will choose which page template you want to use.

Previously, in the regular pages part you can click『Create a regular page』so click that button.

Shopify PageFly About template

Then you can see the modal popup so as below, please fill out the settings.

  • Page Title → About, About Me, About Us etc (Page title)
  • Page URL → about, about-me, about-us etc (Page URL. you cannot set the URL that are already used)
  • Page Type → Regular Pages(It should be fixed to "Regular Pages")

Other Page Layout, Page Optimization part can be set as default.

After setting those values, press next.

Shopify PageFly template select screen

Then finally you can choose a template from various types. Lets select the template that might match the best to your products or to your store. Just one tip, if you change「All Types」part to 「About/contact」, you can see templates that are likely used to about page.

Of course you can change it later, so first it might be better to just pick one test it and proceed to next step.

④Edit PageFly template

Then you can edit some element or change some text so that you can make your ideal about page!

If you want to add elements click + button on left top.

Shopify add element PageFly

When you want to change the text, click each element.

Shopify PageFly text editting

We can actually edit with drag and paste, so it doesn't take so much time and should be stressless.

⑤Publish About page

Once you have finished editing your about page, we need to publish the page.

But it's super easy, just press the top right "Publish" button and it's all done.

Shopify PageFly Publish button
When you enter page URL that you have set in step③, you are able to see your About page on your store.

Making About page with Shopify nocode app PageFly SUMMARY

That's all for making about page using PageFly app. the article itself might became longer than I thought, but the time it takes is about 10 minutes or so to make one about page using PageFly. (Except editing part.)

I think it's only PageFly app that can make this high quality about page with no fee.(I know other page builder app but those are all paid plans only, and cost from the first page.)

If you are not satisfied with Shopify about page, but wants to make classy page free, try out PageFly app and I also use it as well haha

Thank you so much for reading till the end! Have a nice day!


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