[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.2] オリジナル印刷ポテトを販売?Potato Parcel - EC PENGUIN

[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.2] オリジナル印刷ポテトを販売?Potato Parcel

Shopify Potato Parcel ストア事例

We would like to introduce a strange and humorous website called "Potato Parcel," which prints and sells original text and photos on potatoes. When I first saw this site, I didn't know such an idea existed! I was shocked.

"Printing a human face on a potato

It is very impressive, in a good way, to come up with an idea that is so far out of the box, and so foreign, that I decided to write about it in this article.

Incidentally, this site has been covered by CNBC, PLAY BOY, and various other international media, and was also introduced at the official overseas seminar of Shopify, which I blogged about previously.


Potato Parcel, a playful Shopify site

Shopify 事例 potato parcel

The main theme of this Shopify site is "potatoes," and it offers a service that prints your face on a potato and delivers it to you.

As shown in the middle photo, it is possible to print a person's face on a potato. This is a great product for various occasions, such as a humorous friend's birthday, a small celebration, or a funny memory.

And not only one person's face is available, but also products for couples. An anniversary for a couple of friends. It could also be a good anniversary for a couple who likes to joke around with each other.

Shopify 夫婦 カップル ポテト尹作

And it is even possible to print a photo of your pet. (No longer cute and inedible...)

Shopify 犬 ポテト 商品

Upload the inserted image on the Potato Parcel product detail page.

By the way, when I was looking at how to insert the image, it seems that after uploading the image on the product detail page, it can be inserted into the potato.

Shopify Potato Parcel

Moreover, it seems that you can not only insert the image, but also upload the image and move the position of the image. (Product detail URL)


What an interesting site structure!

By the way, this image information was properly retained until the cart.

Shopify potato parcel カート

How Potato Parcel was created

But how did this Shopify site come to be? I found a brief explanation on Wikipedia, so here is a summary. (This is Wikipedia, so it may or may not be true...)

  • Started in May 2015 in Texas, USA
  • Started when Alex Craig was 24 years old
  • Started while attending University of North Texas
  • Handwritten message on fries at first

information that we were able to get.

Shopify Potato Parcel メッセージ

At first, he wrote messages by hand on fries purchased at a local supermarket, like this. Incidentally, when Alex told his girlfriend, who he was dating at the time, about this business plan

I don't think I could sell even one potato. This is the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard.

I've never heard of such a ridiculous idea. However, after the first two days of sales, they started advertising on Reddit and received orders for $2,000, which convinced them that they could do it.

Incidentally, Potato Parcel left founder Alex's hands in October 2015 and the entire business was purchased by Riad Bekhit for $40,000 (about $5 million).

Shopify Case Study Selling Original Potatoes?Potato Parcel Summary

The world is full of countless e-commerce sites, and the number is growing every day. In an industry where differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult, innovative ideas such as this are very appealing and strike a chord with users. (In fact, when I first saw this site, it was eye-opening and piercing to my heart.)

As someone who is also in the e-commerce industry, I have great admiration for the way they are able to take a ridiculous idea, turn it into a highly original and wonderful product, and turn it into a business while making people laugh.

I have a few ideas in my head, but they are still within the bounds of common sense and not very novel.

If I could come up with more ideas of my own, integrate, revise, add to, and brush them up into better business ideas

  • Fun to operate.
  • Impress your buyers and make them laugh

I thought it would be possible to

I realized again that "Stay hungry, stay foolish," as Mr. Jobs, the founder of Apple, said, really captures the essence of what it means.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!


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