[Shopifyサイト事例紹介No.1]  ページの切り替わりが秀逸な三原豆腐店 - EC PENGUIN

[Shopify site case study No.1] Mihara Tofuten with excellent page switching

 Shopify 三原豆腐店 EC サイト事例

Introducing the Shopify site, which is updated irregularly。

We will pick up the Shopify websites I'm interested in, and with some great features in each websites.

The first such memorable Shopify store is Mihara Tofuten.

This store theme is simple, but the page switching is very fashionable and elegant. There is a link below, so please visit and experience the elegance of page switching.

Shopify 三原豆腐店

What is Mihara Tofuten?

The Mihara Tofuten, which has a long history from 1959, was popular as a long-established tofu shop in Saga prefecture.

Nowadays, it has a store in Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and it is a popular tofu shop that is loved by many people. Now known as a popular shop that can not make reservations. Such a popular Mihara tofu shop also uses Shopify to open their ecommerce website.



Excellent page switching

The first thing that surprised me was the excellence of page switching.

The white curtain rises softly at the time of page transition, and the white curtain falls softly when the page is displayed.

It's no exaggeration to say that this Shopify site case study project has started because I don't see many sites with such a stylish design.

I wanted to introduce it with GIF etc., but I can not embed it in the blog article and introduce it with an image.

It looks like an ordinary EC site、、

Shopify 三原豆腐店 佐賀県

When you click, the white curtain rises from the bottom like this,,, and then

Shopify 三原豆腐店 事例 白幕

After this white curtain covers the entire screen, the white curtain will come down again.

Shopify 三原豆腐店 佐賀県 EC

And the transition destination page is displayed.

Shopify ECサイト 三原豆腐店 事例

I can't tell you how fashionable with only those images, but it's very fashionable.

When building a Shopify website, you may be conscious of the movement of the page itself such as modals and accordions, but you may not be able to pay attention to the entire site. In this way, the movement of the entire site gives a solid image. I was impressed that you can create an elegant site even if the other parts are simple.


There is no cart page and the process to purchase is short and simple

In addition, there is no so-called cart page, and when you press the add button to the cart on the product screen, the cart slides in from the side.

Shopify カート画面 スライドイン


If the cart comes out immediately like this, you can easily proceed to the checkout screen, right? I personally think that it is better to have a cart screen if the site has a large number of products and purchases a lot. However, if you purchase several items at one time, it may be easier to use it if you slide in the cart like Mihara Tofuten.

By the way, I also checked the theme used with Koala Inspector, but I could not track which theme I was using because it was a custom theme.


Mipakkun was cute

Lastly, the official character of Mihara Tofuten called Mipakkun was cute, so let me introduce it.

三原豆腐店 Shopify ミパックン


This indescribable mouth part and round eyes. My wife will definitely buy it if I show it to her. It's her favorite type of character.

I thought it would be interesting to create a unique character and sell merchandise in this way. Some people may know Mihara Tofuten because of this key chain and eco bag sticker.


Mihara Tofuten with excellent page switching Shopify Case No. 1 Summary

It was the Shopify site of Mihara Tofuten, which has excellent page transition switching.

I would like to continue to take up the Shopify site that I personally like designing. If you have any recommended sites, please tell me secretly on Twitter DM.

Have a nice day today!



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