[Shopify] カナダ政府と提携。中小企業デジタル化を推進するGo Digital Canada開始 - EC PENGUIN

[Shopify]Partnership with Canadian government. "Go Digital Campaign" to forward SMBs digitalize

Since the initiative called Go Digital Canada by Shopify and the Canadian government was announced, I tried to summarize the contentsた。

At last, Shopify has become a company that is safe and reliable enough to carry out a campaign in collaboration with the government.

Although it was such important news, there were only English articles, so I tried to summarize it in Japanese!


『What is Go Digital Canada?』

On July 15, 2020, Shopify partnered with the Government of Canada to launch an initiative called Go Digital Canada.The government and Shopify announced that it is an initiative to promote and support digitalization for small businesses. it was done.

It can be said that the Canadian government has taken steps to overcome the current situation where small and medium-sized enterprises that are mainly developing offline while the period of self-restraint continues in COVID-19 are being hit.

The announcement was made by Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein and Mary Ng, a member of the Government of Canada's Department for International Trade, at a virtual meetup called the Startupfest.

Among them, Go Digital Canada is said that Shopify will play a central role in the resource hub, and entrepreneurs will not only be able to provide support tools from Shopify, but also cooperate with their partners and experts.

In addition, Sylvia, general manager of Shopify, said that small Canadian businesses account for 98% of the total number of businesses, and I am being hit hard by the influence of Corona, which is the core of the Canadian economy. Said that by moving their businesses online, they would support the core of Canada's economy.

Shopify's specific support measures at Go Digital Canada

As mentioned earlier, Shopify's role in Go Digital Canada is to bring small businesses online.す。

However, what kind of services will be provided specifically? We have summarized what is currently announced.

  • Shopify free period extended to 90 days, usually 14 days)
  • Guide through Shopify Compass
  • Live Webinar offer
  • 24-hour support
  • Partners and experts
  • Tap & amp; Chip Reader is available for free)
  • Free offer of POS Pro until October 31st)

The above is a summary of the author's research on multiple sites.

The details were also described on this Shopify Canada official website https://www.shopify.ca/canadaa

This Go Digital Canada campaign is expected to further expand Shopify users


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