[Shopify] 独立したカートページを持つテーマ一覧

[Shopify] 独立したカートページを持つテーマ一覧

In this issue, we will continue to summarize Shopify themes divided by cart. Following the previous list of themes with slide-in carts, this time we will list themes with separate cart pages.

The previous list of themes with slide-in carts can be found here.


Some clients are only interested in themes with "independent cart pages". That's our top priority when choosing a theme! Many people think that the theme selection process will be smoother if they refer to this article.

What is a theme with a separate cart page?

First, let us explain in advance what a "theme with a separate cart page" is. (If you have a different understanding here, you will be in big trouble...)

If you have a separate cart page

Product -> Add to cart -> Cart page -> Checkout

The purchase process is as follows.

A stand-alone cart page is characterized by

  • Page transitions when advancing to the cart page
  • with a page URL of /cart

In many cases, it is.

Shopify テーマ 独立したカート

Thus, there is an independent page as a cart, which is relatively easy to customize with remarks, gift wrapping, etc.

List of Themes with Independent Cart Pages

Here is a summary of themes with "independent cart pages. Please click on all of them to open them in a separate tab.

List of Themes with Shopify Independent Cart Pages Summary

This is a list of Shopify themes that have a separate cart page, and I hope this article will be useful to someone since the default Shopify theme store does not allow filtering by cart page specification.

Personally, I prefer themes with independent cart pages to those with slide-in carts, so I was happy to discover a variety of themes I could use while researching. I think this is still more mainstream in Japan.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I think the advantage of having an independent cart page is that it is easy to customize to some extent.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!


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