Shopify Unite 2021, the recent launch of Shopify's new features? The event was held online.

One of the most notable announcements was the release of the completely new free "Dawn" theme. In fact, it is not yet available in the Shopify theme store and can only be installed by creating a new store. (At the time of writing)

In this issue, we will introduce the default design of the much-talked-about "Dawn" theme, how it is comfortable to use, and how it differs from existing themes.

Some of the features may be new due to major updates to Shopify itself rather than the Dawn theme.

What is a Dawn theme?

First of all, what is the Dawn theme? Let us start with an explanation.

When you think of the initial Shopify theme, what kind of theme comes to mind?

That's right, the classic "Debut" theme. However, what was announced at Shopify Unite this time is...

Its initial theme is

Debut theme → Dawn theme

The new name of the new company is "The Craftsman"!

This means that the initial theme for stores opened in the future will be the Dawn theme, not Debut.

This is great news in the Shopify community.

What's New in the Dawn Theme

As a developer, I am interested in what features the Dawn theme will have and what will be different.

According to Shopify's official documentation, the Dawn theme is a theme that allows the use of app-output sections and blocks on all pages. It also stated that it is a lightweight, mobile-oriented theme with Atomic components and minimal JavaScript.

Looking at the customization screen, the layout was completely different from the existing theme as shown below.

Dawn テーマ ブロック構造 カスタマイズ画面 Shopify

As for the section functionality, it seemed easier to use than before.

The standard refinement feature in the Dawn theme

The next surprise was the addition of a narrowing function.

When building a store, many businesses want to add a filter to narrow down the products in their collections.

However, Debut did not have this functionality as a standard feature, so we had to suggest applications such as Product Filter&Search. However, with the Dawn theme, it is now possible to filter within a collection.

The settings for filtering items, etc., could be set from the menu of the administration screen.

Shopify 絞り込み機能 Dawnテーマ 管理画面

The following items can be narrowed down

  • Listing Status
  • Price
  • Color (variation)

It seems to be possible to narrow down the listings by such factors as the following

The code is still somewhat buggy (or rather, the Japanese translation is not complete), but the collection looks like the one below.

Shopify 絞り込み機能 Dawnテーマ コレクション

I was under the impression that many people did not want to use apps to narrow down their collections, since it costs a considerable amount of money per month to do so. However, the Dawn theme has standardized the refinement, which we really appreciate.

More freedom on product detail pages

And with this section update, the freedom to customize product detail pages has also been greatly improved.

Shopify 商品詳細 ページ カスタマイズ Dawnテーマ

Here's what's great: In the left-hand section

  • Product Title
  • Text
  • Product Price
  • Variation Picker
  • Quantity selector
  • Buy Button
  • Description
  • Share

and other items can be freely rearranged or eliminated.

Until now, there was not this much freedom, and the order had to be adjusted from the code side.

I had the impression that the UI has become easy to use for non-developer users all at once.

Introduction of each page of the Dawn theme

Finally, screenshots of the Dawn theme default design for each page are shown below, with the theme's base color of green, which is close to Shopify's representative color, giving it a calm look.

Top page" of Dawn theme

Shopify Dawn テーマ トップページ

Product page" of Dawn theme

Shopify Dawn テーマ 商品詳細

Collection page" of Dawn theme

Shopify コレクション 商品一覧 Dawn

Cart page" of Dawn theme

カート Dawnテーマ Shopify

Review of the latest "Dawn" theme newly released at [Shopify] Unite Conclusion

This is a review summary of the Dawn theme presented at Shopify Unite. There may be more new features added in addition to this one.

If you have any more new features, please let us know. If you have noticed any, please let us know in the comments or via Twitter.

Also, considering that the main theme I will be creating from now on will be the Dawn theme instead of the Debut theme, I feel a little sad, but I will do my best to get along with the Dawn theme as well.

Thank you very much for reading to the end. Have a great day!

(Reference to Shopify's official Dawn theme description English)


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