[Shopify App]ノーコードで請求書や送付状を作成するアプリ

[Shopify App]ノーコードで請求書や送付状を作成するアプリ

I'm using Shopify default and paid apps to manage my invoices and invoices, but I have to touch the Liquid code to change the design. So I want to make changes, but I don't have the knowledge to touch it. Do you have such experience?

Documents such as invoices and waybills can be output, etc. with the application, but when making design changes, in most cases, code editing is required.

So, is it possible to edit each document with no code? I contacted Shopify support and they told me about an app called "Order Printer Templates", so I will introduce it here.

What is Order Printer Template?

Shopify order printer template


Order Printer Template is an application that allows users to purchase templates (for a fee) for various documents such as invoices, invoices, and return slips. It is stated that once you purchase a template, you can edit that template with no-code, and editing is easily done in a few minutes.

Incidentally, as for compatibility, invoicing-related apps

The template can be used in

Flow of using the Order Printer Template

We will utilize "Order Printer Templates" to edit invoices and invoices with no code, and use them through the compatible applications mentioned above. The flow of use is as follows.

  1. Select the most suitable template from a number of templates.
  2. Customize with no code to fit your Shopify store
  3. Use with Order Printer or Order Printer PRO

Selecting a Template

The first step is to select a template. There are nearly 30 templates in total, from which you will purchase the template of your choice. Here is a tentative selection for testing purposes.


You can try out various templates for free on the app, so you can see how different they are from what you imagined. You can also try out various templates for free on the app, so you can rest assured that there will be no mistakes.

Customize with no code

Next, edit the purchased template on the app screen. Customize it with your brand name and styling.

This is a no-code editing process, so it is stated that you can easily edit it in a few minutes.

Purchase and use the template

Then, once you have finally decided which template you will use, you will purchase the appropriate template. These templates are not available on a monthly basis, but on a purchase basis, as once you purchase a template, you can use it permanently. Once purchased, they can be used with "Order Printer" or "Order Printer PRO".

1-click translation for cross-border e-commerce for overseas

The Order Printer Template also features one-click translation into multiple languages.

The current one-click translation destinations are

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish

This is a very attractive feature for those doing cross-border e-commerce, as it can be translated into 11 languages, including

Unfortunately, Japanese is not available, so you may need to translate it yourself from the application management screen.

Shopify No-Code Invoice and Letter of Transmittal App Conclusion

This is a summary of the "Order Printer Template" application, which creates invoices and invoices with no code.

For non-developers, it should be very difficult to customize invoices, waybills, return slips, and various other documents to fit their Shopify store. However, we were told that this app allows for no-code customization, so please take a look and see if you can make use of it.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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