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Summary of examples of EC sites using Shopify with famous overseas brands

shopify overseas brands

Hello this is EC Penguin!

Even though it's not popular enough in Japan, Shopify is the best solution to make online store! (Especially in English speaking countires.)

(Note: Shopify is getting popular in Japan.)

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Canada, where Shopify has started, and one of the most developed country US, UK from Europe, Australia from Oceania, those countries have high share of Shopify usage.

So this time, we will introduce some major oversea Shopify stores around the world.

Famous store in Shopify summary


Redbull Shopify website

First, one of the most famous beverage brand Redbull. This store sells Redbull branded products like caps, sports ware and not beverages.


heinz shopify website

HEINZ is known as tomato ketchups and canned foods. Famous for the fifth largest food company in the world. I didn't know that this big brand is also using Shopify.


ec site shopify BBC

BBC News is made by British Broadcasting Corporation. It's one of the most famous news program in the world. As you might already know, BBC's online store is made from Shopify and selling DVDs and collaboration products.


David Shopify website

DAVID BECKHAM's sunglasses and glasses website is also made by Shopify. One of the most famous soccer player David Beckham. The sunglasses that are designed by him are sold in this Shopify website.


nescafe shopify site example

NESTLE is also one of the most largest food brand in the world. As it is famous brand, I can see how well it is designed through every details.


lady gaga shopify

LADY GAGA's official online shop is also made by Shopify. The famous artist was also the user Shopify.


gymshark shopify

It might be not famous in Japan yet, but GYMSHARK has a lot of fitness fans around the world. The store is also using Shopify to develop their store.

Shopify used among tons of famous brand

That's all for today summarizing famous brands that are using Shopify.

Those stores are just few examples of using Shopify. And there are lot more famous brands who are using Shopify to make their online stores. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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