I am running an e-commerce site and sales are not increasing. I don't know how to increase sales. I think such a time will surely come.

There is a skill called digital marketing that can help you get out of such a situation. It focuses on how to "continuously" increase sales digitally, and is knowledge that is absolutely essential to know when managing an e-commerce site.

This time, I read the book "Manga de tsukuru digital marketing" as a first step to learn about digital marketing, and I will summarize the contents of the book.

The book explained the field of digital marketing with a storyline, and the important items were written in a way that was easy to understand. It is a good book that is easy to read not only through words but also through manga.

What is Digital Marketing?

What is "marketing" anyway?

The purpose of marketing is defined in this book as "to create a mechanism to keep selling and to increase sales on an ongoing basis.

Digital marketing" is the digital implementation of this continuous increase in sales.

The fundamentals of a mechanism to continuously increase sales are

system that
creates a desire to buy
and leads to repeat purchases

The term "sales" refers to the following.

Why has digital marketing become so important?

It is because everything has become digitalized and most of the points of contact with customers are now digital. It is true that the entire process of getting information on social networking sites, searching for reviews on search engines, and making purchases on e-commerce sites can now be completed digitally, so it is no wonder that digital marketing is so important.

Continuing Customers are the Key to Increased Sales

So what exactly is needed for "continuous sales growth"?

'Lots of advertising, lots of social networking, lots of new customers!' This may be the idea that comes to mind.

However, this book discusses the dangers of relying on new customers to boost sales.

If you rely mainly on new customers to generate sales, your sales will fluctuate from year to year and will not accumulate, so you will have to start from scratch every year.

On the other hand, what happens if you focus mainly on continuing customers?

Since continuing customers accumulate year after year, the assumption is basically that sales will increase year after year.

(See Digital Marketing in Manga.

The book states.

It was stated that it is of course important to increase the number of new customers, but it is even more important to increase the retention rate and increase the number of continuing customers.

How to increase the number of continuing customers beyond the F2 barrier

Now that we understand the importance of continuing customers, we will proceed immediately to how to increase the number of continuing customers.

Now that we understand the importance of continuing customers, how do we increase our retention rate! I'm sure you think so. This is where the concept of "F2 conversion" becomes important.

What is F2 conversion?

Frequency 2 A customer has made a second purchase. means.

It is very difficult to get people to continue to buy a second time for any kind of service, because there is such a word as this. Conversely, customers who buy a second time tend to buy a third and fourth time, so the key to increasing sales is how to break through the F2 barrier.

Create an experience that makes them want to buy a second time

Then, "I want to buy it a second time!" How can we get people to want to do so?

Unfortunately, there is no one best solution that is common to all services.

However, in this book, the following are the most important factors.

(1) Products

most confident products of the company's products are the first products to be purchased.
The most effective products are those in which we have confidence.

Devise a way to provide the best experience through the product
→ Have the customer use the purchased product at the best time and in the best condition

(2) Timing

contact→When the customer first gets to know you.

service→When the customer uses the product or service.

the customer uses the product or service.


Communicate before the customer's fever cools
down→Communicate "at the right time and with the right content" within 30 days of the initial purchase

Communication that can dispel customer anxiety and increase satisfaction
→ Purchase completion e-mail that eliminates anxiety about whether the purchase was completed or not, or devise ways to prevent being forgotten

Referring to the above, it is easy to develop a policy that focuses on price, such as "send discount coupons to buyers at the appropriate time within 30 days".

However, keep in mind that improving customer experience is not necessarily only about price.

50 Skill Areas for Marketers

Finally, the field of "marketing" is very broad and includes strategy, customer attraction, and analysis.

To get the big picture, this book described 50 skills of a marketer.

Strategy Analysis & Data Attracting Customers
Budget Planning Research & Interviews SEO
Promotion Planning Customer Journey Listings
Branding Site Analysis SNS Advertising
Product/experience design A/B Testing Display Advertising
Price/offer design Statistics Affiliates
Public Relations/PR DMP Pure Advertising
Sales Promotion Database Ad Network
Owned Media Strategy Dashboard Video Advertising
4 Mass
Traffic Ads

Acquisition Relationship Building Practice
UI/UX Customer Support Copy
LPO/EFO/CTA Email/MA Writing
Web customer attraction Apps Design
Recommendation Personalization SNS Video
Word of mouth HTML/CSS/JS
Influencers Partner Management
Content Marketing Direction
Fanning and Loyalty Reporting
Campaigns Team Building

As you can see, the field of marketing is very deep and requires a wide variety of knowledge.

Of course, it is not necessary to cover all of them, but it is important to start with areas that interest you and that seem to be compatible with your business.

Digital Marketing through Manga Conclusion

This is a summary of the contents of Digital Marketing in Manga.

We think this is a great book to get your foot in the door in the field of digital marketing. As already mentioned, the field of digital marketing is diverse and very deep, giving the impression that it is difficult to get to grips with. However, the book systematically summarizes the fundamental and important aspects of digital marketing, and the difficult-to-understand parts are explained in manga form, giving the impression that it is easy to grasp.

*What we were able to explain in this blog is only a part of the above book. If you would like to read more about it, including the details, please read it from above.

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