[Shopify]デバッグなどに有効な注文の詳しい情報データ jsonをみる方法

[Shopify]デバッグなどに有効な注文の詳しい情報データ jsonをみる方法

This issue is for gutsy developers. For example, if you are developing an application that uses order information, or if you are implementing a theme feature, you may want to know what kind of structure the order data actually has. This can also be useful when debugging and finding out why a bug has appeared.

In such cases, there is a way to look at the json of the order data. Again, this is just a note.

Go to the order page

First, go to the relevant order page.

Admin → Order Management → Order

Go to

The URL will then look like the following

https://(your store URL).myshopify.com/admin/orders/(string of around 10 digits)?orderListBeta=true

(2) Change the URL and look at the json

If we reformat the previous URL, we can jump to the json of the order details.

First of all, the last part of the URL as shown above, ? After that, you can delete it. (The order page was in beta at the time I wrote this article. (The order page may have been in beta at the time of writing this article, and may not have the "?)

Then you will get the following URL.

https://(your store URL).myshopify.com/admin/orders/(a string of around 10 digits)

Add ".json" to the end of this (sequence of about 10 digits) part.

https://(your store URL).myshopify.com/admin/orders/(sequence of around 10 digits).json

It would look something like this.

Then, when you transition to the page, you can see the json data for a specific order in Shopify.

[Shopify] How to view detailed order data json for debugging, etc. Summary

This is how to view Shopify order information in json. It is very geeky and probably 99% of people who touch Shopify will never use it.

I also had an opportunity to refer to json data when communicating with an overseas development company this time, so I learned about this function for the first time. I hope it will be useful for some developers. I wonder what kind of apps and functions they are developing. I'm curious lol.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a great day!

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